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What is the Purpose of the All Things in Romans 8:28?

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I believe in God's sovereignty.  When I'm baffled by circumstances or even bewildered by some events, God's sovereignty has held onto me.  That's probably why Romans 8:28  has through the years become one of my favorite verses.  This last week I read a Roman's Life Study that covered this verse.  I have read this portion many times, and it always strengthens my heart: 
The intercession in Romans 8:26-27 causes all things to work together  (v. 28).  The Greek word translated "all things" means all matters, all persons, all things, all in all.  God the Father is sovereign and He arranges everything.  ... He causes all things, all matters and all persons to work together for our good.  ... God has determined our destiny beforehand, and this destiny can never be fulfilled without the divine arrangement which causes all things to work together for us.  Our destiny is to be conformed to the image of the firstborn Son of God [Romans 8:29].  We are not yet fully in the image of the firstborn Son of God, but God the Father is planning, molding, and performing by causing all things to work together for good (Romans Life Study, Page 250). 
I've also heard it said that the good in this verse is not according to our definition of good, but God's. Earlier in message 20 it talked  about how has sovereignly arranged where we were born, who are family is, and so many details of our life so that we can grow into full sonship.  Here's the part from that message that has always touched me:
He is our Father, and everything is under His arrangement.  He can do nothing wrong.  Everything He does for us is excellent and wonderful, although to our feeling it may be not good... I say once again that, according to our feelings, our environment may be a suffering, but actually it is a blessing; it is God's sovereign provision.  Everything we need for our growth in life has been sovereignly provided by God.  Everything is all right.  ...This is not a pain or a suffering to me; it is God's arrangement.  This is a blessing that I may grow into full sonship (Page 244-245).
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