16 Kasım 2012 Cuma

Make a Smart Move, okay?

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I got a review that made me laugh today and also sigh in relief because Susan at Bloggin' Bout Books is known to be brutally honest, so I was glad Smart Move passed muster with her. Whew. I'd been sweating this review a little, to tell you the truth. She was still honest enough to make me uncomfortable, but overall I was happy with it. Anyway, she's hosting a giveaway of the book, but since there are a few giveaways of Smart Move going on, I thought I'd make it easy on everyone and put them all in one place. I know, I know: stick your thank you card in the mail.

Here we go with the list of giveaways for Smart Move:

Susan at Bloggin' Bout Books
Rachael Renee Anderson
I Am a Reader, Not a Writer
Why Not? Because I Said So

You can drop in on any of them and enter. Hooray! Also, for those writerly-minded types among you, I concluded my "how-I-wrote-my-book-so-fast" post here where I blog under my semi-secret identity.

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