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9/24/09 Very French and Cheesy!

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What's for dinner tonight? French Onion Soup with Cheesy Croutons

There's nothing my man loves better than a bowl of French Onion Soup! He will order French Onion Soup from any restaurant regardless of what the quality might be! I've seen Prav order this soup at Subway, Panera Bread, Quiznos, and 7-11, etc. There's nothing wrong with these establishments, mind you; I'm just making a point here...he will order this dish from anywhere!

So, Rach made French Onion Soup on the show today and I made it for dinner tonight. I hate chopping onions more than anything and this recipe calls for slicing up 6 whole onions! Ugh... I took a tip from Rachael and it seemed to help. Rachael said on the show today that one of her viewers wears goggles while chopping up onions to avoid having burning, stinging eyes. Well, I don't have goggles, but I do have sunglasses! Yep, I wore my sunglasses while chopping up the huge pile of onions! And, guess what...it worked!

I don't think my onions caramelized properly. The onions are supposed to brown up in the pot and mine didn't. I even cooked the onions for 45 minutes instead of 30 as the recipe instructed. Oh well. The soup still tasted great. Rach adds Worcestershire sauce to the onion broth and I think it tastes even better that way! The cheesy croutons are made with Gruyere cheese which, thankfully, I now know how to pronounce and use! Rachael uses smaller croutons as opposed to one big floating crouton which makes eating the bread much easier.

All and all, I think the soup was tasty and Prav finished a big bowl of it tonight. However, I think I need to figure out why my onions never browned up. Hmmm...a mystery for now.

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