28 Kasım 2012 Çarşamba

9/21/09 Breakfast for Dinner

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What's for dinner tonight? Fancy Almond Crusted French Toast

Since I have my hours all backwards from working rotating shifts at the hospital, I decided to make breakfast for dinner. This recipe took ordinary French toast and made it into a fancy treat!

Of course, nothing ever goes as planned with me in the kitchen. I didn't have almonds for the "almond crust," so I used crushed up pecans which I seasoned and toasted. As a crust, the nuts burned in the pan and I had to waste 2 perfectly good slices of challah bread! I decided not to coat the bread in the nuts before cooking it. Instead, I sprinkled the chopped up nuts on top of the bread just before serving it.

Tomorrow is a big day and I'm exhausted...off to bed I go!

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