30 Kasım 2012 Cuma


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I went to the LDS Storymakers conference last weekend. It was as fantastic as usual. I think I like it more and more every year because I have more and more friends to see there when I go. It helped that I was way less stressed than last year about teaching. I taught on how to find your next story idea and I feel like it went well. So yay for that!

And in case anyone didn't already know, I didn't win the Whitney award for romance. However, as it was noted to me, I got nominated for my first two books. Ever. Both of them. And that's not small potatoes. And I actually called who I would lose both the Whitney for Romance and the Best New Novel awards to and I was right. Or maybe the better way to say that is that I called who would win those categories. For all I know, I lost to everyone else in those categories, too. Which means that I must technically have even lost to myself in the romance category. Weird.

But I am not sad. So no pity in the comment trail, okay? I spent an evening with some of my most favorite ladies laughing until I cried and corrupting one of our youth. I wore several fabulous pairs of shoes and I think I placed in the top five of the Whitney evening gown competition (that was only in my head). 

And I'd post a bunch of pictures of stuff except I used my phone to snap them, and it's a little harder to put on my blog than on Facebook. Sorry about that!

But that's okay, because pictures take me a WAY long time to do, and I need all my time because I'm on a tight deadline for next week and I'M GOING TO DIE. Maybe. But probably not. But it's going to be rough. I'm having to hire a babysitter for 7 hours tomorrow so I can work. I hate doing that, but I hate being stressed out about deadlines and therefore cranky to my children even more. So blow it all out in one day it is. 

Anyway, I just want to end on this note: I have a very hard time expressing exactly how much I dislike Cristina Aguilera. It's up somewhere around a lot + infinity. And counting.

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