27 Kasım 2012 Salı

Florida Fun!

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Prav and I had so much fun in Florida! I attended my bridal shower and got some great RR cooking tools! My friends and family gave me plastic whisks, food warmers (awesome for entertaining) and a new set of RR cooking knives! Yay! While in Florida, my mom and stepdad enjoyed the benefits of this challenge. I was their personal chef! I made South Beach inspired burgers for them (how appropriate, right?) and pigskin paninis. I am working on my knife skills now that I have a few sets of knives that are actually meant for cooking with and not cutting steak with, lol. :)

Here are the recipes from the last 2 weeks:
Oct 13...Ragin' Cajun Chili
Oct 12...South Beach inspired burgers
Oct 11...Pigskin Paninis (for game day, of course)
Oct 10...Pretzel-crusted chicken & zucchini strips with honey mustard dipping sauce
Oct 9...Super-sized healthy breakfast sandwich
Oct 8...Double chicken dumpling soup
Oct 7...Spanish Chicken and Rice (very cost-conscious meal...love it)
Oct 6...Oven glazed apple lemon chicken with cordon bleu potatoes (a favorite!)
Oct 5...Thai lettuce cups
Oct 4...No fry stir fry
Oct 3...Crispy Chicken Sticks (so easy!!!)

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