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Life Study of Romans: Romans is the Gospel of God

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    Have you ever heard  that Romans is the gospel of God?  It's actually in the very first verse of this book, listen:   "Paul, a slave of Christ Jesus, a called apostle, separated unto the gospel of God,"   Once again the footnotes in The Recovery Version of the New Testament help to explain the significance of this:
...The gospel of God, as the subject of this book, concerns Christ as the Spirit living within the believers after His resurrection.  This is higher and more subjective than what was presented in the Gospels, which concern Christ only in the flesh as He lived among His disciples after His incarnation but before His death and resurrection.  This book, however, reveals that Christ has resurrected and has become the life-giving Spirit (8:9-10).  He is no longer merely the Christ outside the believers, but He is now the Christ within them.  Hence, the gospel in this book is the gospel of the One who is now indwelling His believers as their subjective Savior.  
How I understand this so far is the book of Romans shows us the scope of God's salvation which includes not only Christ's redemption and our regeneration but sanctification, transformation, conformation, glorification, and living as members in the Body of Christ!.  I really liked this paragraph:  
Paul opens the book of Romans in the way he does because Romans has a goal.  This goal is to produce many sons of God.  This goal of producing the many sons of God requires redemption, the imparting of life, and the living by this life.  As fallen man and sinners, we need redemption, we need the divine life, and we need to live by the divine life that we may be regenerated, transformed, and fully glorified as sons of God.  Eventually, we all shall be the sons of God in full (Romans Life Study, Page 21)
In the first few chapters of Romans you really see that in God's eyes all men are sinners (Romans 3:23), but in Romans 8:29 you see God's plan is to take these very sinners and conform them to the image of His Son.  And I just checked the last verse of the book of Romans, and it gives God all the glory for doing such a marvelous work!
  "To the only wise God through Jesus Christ to Him be the glory forever and ever. Amen."   Other Blogs on the Life Studies of Romans:

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