28 Kasım 2012 Çarşamba

9/19/09...Heaven in a Pot pie!

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What's for dinner tonight? Individual Chicken Pot Pies

Oh, heaven!!! There's nothing I love more than a good chicken pot pie! I have been known to even be jealous of the hospital food on Sunday nights because Duke serves their version of chicken pot pies. The little hint of Dijon mustard and dill made the gravy sooooo good. This is the perfect comfort food and it's great for entertaining. Plus, it was very simple! I had to alter the recipe for Prav because he doesn't like peas. So, I made some of the pies without the peas for him and he loved them! Prav spends his Saturdays watching Penn State football and this was the perfect hand-held meal for him! I'm adding this to my favorites list!

Lastly, I had no trouble making the roux for the gravy tonight!!! Yay! I think I'm getting a little better at making gravy from butter and flour. No more Gravy Master or Heinz jarred gravy for me! :)

PS- I just realized that most of my clothing is getting big on me and I've dropped a dress size. When I weighed myself this morning, I was down 13 lbs...wow! Thanks, Rach...you're better than Jenny Craig!!! LOL

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