12 Kasım 2012 Pazartesi

Perfectly Crisp Cinnamon Toast

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Cinnamon Toast! Why hadn't I heard of it. Or even better why hadn't I thought of it. I found it on Pioneer Woman's blog as she explained the wrong way to make it and the right way to make it. I think if I had thought of this recipe myself - I definitely would have made it the right way. Its just how I like my toasts. I love putting the spreads whether its cheese or  butter on the bread slices directly. When toasted in an toaster oven it does wonders. The spread seeps into the surface of the bread, the edges become crispy and each bite is a delightful buttery cheesy crunch.
And that is exactly what happened with the cinnamon toasts.

A nice grainy bread sliced.
1 stick Butter at room temperature- I used unsalted
2 tbpn Brown Sugar (the sweetness depends on your taste. I like it mildly sweet)
And a 1 tspn of cinnamon powder (I had to freshly grind some).
A dash of vanilla extract.

Mix the butter, sugar and cinnamon.
Slather on the bread.
And toast in the over for 5 min. Or till its edges are perfectly crisp. Don't over toast it the sugar will burn and tastes bitter.
But when done right the sugar caramelizes and seeps through every pore of the bread with the butter and the cinnamon just makes your house smell like heaven. It tastes like heaven too.
Its the perfect snack with tea.

I think my mom and dad love having me home. They get to enjoy all my experiments and treats.

 So simple, so sinful, so delightful, such comfort!
Mmmm... Try it yourself.

Unsalted Butter not unsweetened.

By the way this post was inspired by this simple story of bread, cheese and jam. I love how you get an insight on Lulu's life through this simple little post. I guess that's what I love about blogging- how people tell their stories.

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