16 Kasım 2012 Cuma

What I Thought of the Debate: Feel Free to Skip

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I got several messages on Facebook asking me what I thought after the debate last night. Surely I should have my mind made up now, right?


I'm not sure I can explain why. I tried to talk it through with my husband last night, and I just kept going back and forth, back and forth in my own mind. So I copied and pasted an answer I gave to one of my friends, which was just me thinking it through out loud. Um, on my keyboard, I guess:

Oh, definitely Romney took this. Really impressed with his performance. And didn't Obama look SO tired? The biggest problem for me is that it's hard to get to the truth with all the spin. "My experts say THIS." "Well, mine say THIS" about the exact same numbers. I think my biggest issue with Romney isn't even a problem with him. I know this isn't going to be your favorite thing for you to hear, but I think absolutely without question that the Republicans in Congress are being held hostage by the extremists in their faction. And I think Romney has been knuckling under to them. I think that's what you have to do to win elections but you absolutely can NOT govern that way. If he allows them to keep him under lockdown when in office, then we're in big trouble. Their policies make sense when we live in an ideal world, but we don't. The math doesn't translate to reality. Is he going to pander for his first four years to win re-election? Or is he going to really sit down and work across the aisle like he did as governor? I'd vote for that guy. Know why? He was moderate. He was willing to compromise. He listened. I really like that guy. But the Tea Partiers in Congress are creating such an unbelievably toxic environment that I don't even know if it's possible. And that's what holds me back from Romney. Every economist on record says we're going to have to raise taxes. It's crazy to think we can't. And that's where I think Obama makes a lot more sense. On the other hand, I completely believe that Romney understands job creation. I just don't think his party is going to let him be the president he can be. So right now, still undecided. Maybe a little more Obama, not so much because I'm FOR Obama as I am against the extreme Republicans in Congress. I call BS on any of those Tea Partiers who say they're willing to cut spending the second a project in their home districts comes up. They won't do it. They can't. They'd get slaughtered in a re-election race the second their opponents point to all the programs they cut. Not in my backyard, etc. So I don't know. I don't think McCain would have done any better these last four years. I'm convinced he would have done worse, actually. I don't think any human being on the planet could have turned this around in four years. We're too much of a global economy now. So I think it's ignorant when people blame the president. I think he kept us out of freefall. I'm open to the idea of giving him four years to turn it around now. Then again on the holding me back from Obama side: I'm starting to be nervous about the unintended consequences of the health care act. And if it's as bad as the Republicans are saying it will be, then that's worrying. But will it be? It's all just really confusing. 

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