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The Mouse Trap Gospel in Romans 8:3

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     A few weeks ago at our Friday night Bible study with some college students we read in Genesis 2 and 3.   For a long time  I couldn’t understand how God in His omnipotence and foreknowledge would  know that Adam and Eve were going to be tripped up by His enemy and let it happen. In Message 15 of the Romans Life study I was reading, I got the answer.  I’ve read this message before but this illustration always awes me.    
Satan was eager and happy to enter into man’s body, which became the flesh after he entered it, being glad to have a lodging place.  Regardless of how wise Satan is, he can never surpass God.  God is much wiser.  God sent His Son in the likeness of this flesh in which Satan was and condemned it on the cross.  It was as if Satan had thought, “Now I can get into man’s body.”  However, Satan did not realize that this was a trap.  When Satan took the bait, he was trapped.  We may use the illustration of a mouse trap.  It is difficult to catch a mouse because the mouse always runs away.  However, we may use a mouse trap with some bait.  The mouse comes into the trap, intrigued with the prospect of having the bait in his possession.  Then he gets trapped and man can easily catch him.  Likewise, Satan has been trapped and bruised in the flesh of Christ on the cross.  In doing this God solved two problems at once:  He solved the problem of sin and the flesh of sin.  God has solved the problem of sin, the nature and source of which is Satan, and the problem of the flesh. Praise the Lord (Romans Life Study, Page 188).

When Satan saw Adam and Eve,he thought now is my chance to destroy God's purpose, I'll get in there first.  But he didn't  realize this was all a set up as this Life Study makes so clear.  Now for the first time God's enemy was trapped without a way out.  Finally he got caught!

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