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9/29/09 My very first pot roast...

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What's for dinner tonight? Weeknight Pot Roast with Horseradish Buttered Bread

Confession...I have NEVER made a pot roast or a stew in my life! However, I absolutely love pot roast and stewed meat with veggies. And, what could be bad about gravy and bread...nothing, that's what!

Tonight, I attempted to make my very first pot roast. Rachael calls this a "Weeknight" pot roast because you don't have to slow cook it (at least that's what I assume was the logic behind the name). I still haven't braved the crock pot slow cooker yet, but I fully plan to before this challenge ends! Throughout the movie, "Julie and Julia," Julie Powell keeps mentioning that she has to, "bone a whole duck" by the end of the year. That was her obstacle and maybe the crock pot is mine, haha.

So, the pot roast was delicious. I am definitely more comfortable making gravy from roux and really love doing it now! My veggies were tender and the London Broil was perfectly medium rare. Prav and I both agreed, this was one of our favorite meals. We've been eating late at night recently because I am back to working night shifts. I can't wait to take my leftovers to work with me. This is such comfort food and I am LOVING it! The horseradish and butter spread over the crusty bread is the perfect addition to the meal!

This meal only took me 45 minutes to make too! I'm getting better with my time, but I am still making a huge mess in the kitchen, LOL. Everyone keeps asking me if Prav does the dishes and cleans up. My answer to everyone is this: Prav is an amazing eater, taste tester, and an incredibly dedicated spouse.

Maybe part of my challenge will be to learn to love cleaning...NOT! I don't like to clean, but I love my fiance and I know how hard he works. He deserves all of the best things I can give him. Plus, my floor is covered with salt because I throw a little over my left shoulder for luck whenever I cook (just like Rach). Since I am doing this intentionally, I feel responsible for cleaning it up. I guess I forget that Rachael has a crew to clean up her set and I am stuck doing it myself. Oh well!

Oh, I almost forgot, the News & Observer has written an article about my appearance on the Rachael Ray Show. You can check out the article at: http://blogs.newsobserver.com/tv/duke-nurse-to-appear-on-the-rachael-ray-show


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