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Life Study of 1 Corinthians - What is the Best Illustration of the Believers' Fellowship?

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I took this of my son teaching his nephew how to throw rocks.
Do you know how fast your blood circulates? A few years ago I saw these amazing facts from my husband's work newsletter.  I cut them out and put them in my journal for that year.  And here they are: 
  1. Every day your heart pumps 2,100 gallons for blood through 60,000 miles of blood vessels.
  2. It takes 24 seconds for a drop of blood to circulate through your body and return to your heart. 
  3. To make all this happen, your heart beats over 100,000 times a day when you're resting.  
  4. During exercise a well trained heart can pump several times its resting output. 
I thought about this as I was reading Message 14 in the Life Study of 1 Corinthians because Witness Lee compares the circulation in the Body of Christ to the circulation in our human body.  This has fascinated me because it shows how real the connection is between all the members of the Lord's Body on this earth. 
I doubt that there is in any language an equivalent for the Greek word for fellowship, koinonia.This word implies oneness and also a mutual flowing among the believers.  When we enjoy fellowship with one another, there is a flowing among us...Perhaps the best illustration of fellowship is the circulation of blood in the human body. In a very short period of time the blood makes one complete circuit.  Life depends on this circulation. Just as there is the circulation of blood in the human body, so there is a spiritual circulation, called the fellowship, in the Body of Christ (Life Study of 1 Corinthians, Pages 124-125).  
I like that these messages underscore again and again how God has called us into the fellowship of His Son, and this fellowship unites all the believers together.

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