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A Cinderella's weekend at the Le Meridien, New Delhi

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The following article is written by my lovely cousin Anjum who spent the weekend with me at the Le Meridien, New Delhi. I was invited by the hotel to experience their art spaces and their cuisine. Here are her thoughts on the experience.

Does a Cinderella like thing happen in today’s world? Till26th April a cynic like me would have not hesitated a second to say "NO'but that was then.....My sister, the food blogger (this is her blog dude) wasinvited by Le Meridien, New Delhi to blog about their spaces and their cuisineand she was allowed to bring a guest along. Out of all us sisters (we are a bigfamily) I was the chosen one.
So for next 2 days I was transported to this magical land of the finest Frenchand Oriental fusion cuisines at their world-class restaurants. Stuff that youonly read in books or travel magazines had now became a reality. You name it,they had it and we could eat our hearts content at any of their restaurants.
My first day started with the signature breakfast at The One, which isapart from their regular buffet. My eyes literally popped open with the eyeopeners (wake up shots for the jet lagged and lucky ones with a hangover)drinks like watermelon and mango chilly sorbet. We feasted on croque madame, which is a toast withcheddar cheese, fried eggs and bacon, goat cheese custard with dill and olive tapenade, spinach buck wheat pancakes andoatmeal soufflé with spices n berries. All delicately flavored and artisticallypresented. It was a meal straight out of an Enid Blyton. The chef was nice tocome and explain the food to us. 
To burn all the calories we both hit the pool with the attendants supplying uswith Pina-Coladas, Margueritas and Bloody Marys.
Lunch at Eau deMonsoon, prepared by a 3 star Michelin chef, was another gastronomicdelight. Welcome drink of mushroom cappuccino with starters of French &Lucknow inspired galauti kebabs with foiegras(duck liver a first time for the uninitiated like me). After eachcourse the attendants gave us palate cleansers of apple sorbet and berry compotesto clear our palate so we could appreciate the finer tastes, texture and aromaof the next course. (Ahem ahem). Itwas a totally out of the world experience for me.  Their sommelier Manisha,a rock star drink mixer has recently won a Grand Prix in a global coffee mixingcompetition. Thanks Manisha for the amazing wine tips. My sister who is morereserved about her opinion also could not help smiling through her lamb chopsmain course. Apparently lamb chops are the love of her life.
Taking a break from all the amazing meals, we went shopping at Khan Market,checking out interiors of Blue Frog at the Kila The Shroom, attending a privateGerman party at Out Of the Box, Hauz Khas village.....Sleep sleep go away,come again another day ... Life was at its best...Thanks Jyo!  Thanks LeMeridien!
And as the clock struck twelve, in true Cinderella manner my chariot became apumpkin and my train for Dehradun left New Delhi exactly at midnight. TheCinderella was back home but not without my teenage daughters sulky comment "mom has all the fun".

Meeting friends in Delhi is so always refreshing.
So much love from friends.

My personal Musings:First of all I would like to thank Le Meridien for inviting me to experiencetheir space and their cuisine. While the interiors were a bit loud for me, Ireally did enjoy the food. I also think the art gallery has tremendous potentialand the art I witnessed was fantastic. Every one at the hotel was excited tohave us and waited on us like we were some VIPs. I hope that is exactly howeach of your guests is treated anyways. Thank you for the lovely break. 

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