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9/17/09...Ready for the Small Screen & the Big Pasta

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What's for dinner tonight? "Butter Me Up" Vermicelli with Buttery Butterflied Shrimp

Attention, attention...I have HUGE news. I actually cooked a 30 minute meal in under, yes UNDER 30 minutes!!! Thank you very much (I can here the thunderous applause in my head). Ok, so I chose a meal that took Rachael maybe 5 minutes to cook on TV, but I did it. In fact, on TV she stood behind the stove saying something about how she should've made a salad too because she was finished so quickly, LOL. This meal was super simple and tasted oh so good! It was the perfect dish to make to keep my kitchen semi-clean for the camera crew tomorrow. Also, I have plenty of yummy leftovers for my hungry co-workers! Definitely, a winner for dinner.

In other news, I am going public tonight. I'm going to post the link to this blog on my Facebook page. I'm a bit scared. I haven't even finished putting all of my word.doc journal entries onto the blog yet. Oh well. It will have to be a work in progress for now.

Also, I have to thank my amazing friends, Carrie and Sharron. Carrie owns an apron and tablecloth business in Cary (haha, Carrie & Cary). She gave me several gorgeous aprons to wear for my filming tomorrow. She even gave me some for Prav to wear. If anyone is interested in purchasing her aprons or table linens, please go to: www.bishopaprons.com I promise you, you're gonna LOVE her stuff! Lastly, my dear friend, Sharron came over tonight to help me get my house ready for TV. She is simply fabulous! My house looks amazing...better than it has ever looked before! Sharron is studying to get her Real Estate License which she will earn next week! She is going to make the best real estate agent ever! Her awesome personality coupled with her artistic eye and social savvy make for one fantastic real estate agent! I'll post her website and contact information once she is in business!

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