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9/15/09...my first day off in soooooo long!

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Tonight's dinner: BBQ Bourbon Orange Chicken Skillet with Cornbread Topper

Ok, so the title of this recipe is a bit deceiving because I have had to alter it a bit. First, sorry, no bourbon. I don't have any in the house and just didn't feel like trekking all the way down to the liquor store to get some. It figures, it's the one liquor we don't have in our stock. Rachael said this recipe tastes equally as good with or without the bourbon. So, sans bourbon it is for now.

Next, this recipe calls for cooking in a skillet in the oven. Waaaaaaaah, I don't have a skillet that can go in the oven. Correction: I have 2 lovely new wedding gifts sent by Prav's former manager, Jeff and his wife Annette. They sent us 2 cast iron Caphalon skillets last month as a wedding present. I have not opened them yet and didn't dare use them in the oven for a trial run. I've never cooked in a cast iron skillet and I was scared to use my gorgeous new cookware in the oven without trying it on the stove first. I know how much Caphalon costs and I am petrified that I will ruin them in the oven...even though I am pretty sure it is safe to use them in that capacity. Ugh, I'm such a beginner. Anyway, Rachael said that you can wrap foil around a rubber handled skillet and it won't melt in the oven too. Again, I am just not brave enough to try this either.

So, I have opted to put my "skillet creation" in a casserole dish since I am getting used to using it and feel much more comfortable using this instead. I am using my larger Rachael Ray casserole dish (given to me by my dear friend, Kimberly, as my bridal shower gift). Fabulous!

I am a HUGE fan of Jiffy cornbread! Jiffy cornbread muffins are so simple to make even I can make them. Although, I admit I have had a few instances of burning the bottoms of the muffins and having to cut the bottoms off with a knife. Either way, I love Jiffy!

It took longer to cook the cornbread topper than the recipe indicated. The recipe online said to cook it until golden brown for 10 minutes at 375 degrees. It took almost 20 minutes before my cornbread was golden brown and the cheese had melted on top.

Oh, this meal was soooooo good. I think it could've done without the orange juice and zest, but it was still awesome! Prav inhaled his! This month's Supper Club is BBQ themed...maybe I'll make this recipe again. I'm hoping the leftovers will keep since there is soooo much left over! I plan to send some of the leftovers to my friend, Barbara, who is very pregnant and about to pop. According to Barbara, her husband Tom can only make hotdogs. Poor thing. I've been there. FYI; I have a funny feeling that Barbara went into labor tonight. It's just a feeling...womens' intuition.

Ok, time to clean up my mess and take a walk with Prav. I think we're both feeling a bit off of our "wedding diet" these days with all this great food. :)

I still have NO CLUE what I'm going to make on Friday to bring to work and cook on camera for the Rachael Ray Show!!!

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