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9/13/09 Nothin' like a little Gnocchi!

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What's for dinner tonight? Gnocchi with Sage Butter Sauce

Holy garlic, Batman! Whew! This recipe was fantastic, but it needed to come with a warning label...have your toothbrush and toothpaste handy because this garlic is killer! Seriously, my house smells amazing and I doubt will be visited by any vampires for the next decade or so. I have learned that there is definitely a difference between the heavenly smell and taste of freshly grated garlic cloves and the stench of the minced jarred garlic I used to buy. Freshly grated garlic just melts right into the butter sauce and dissolves on the tongue. It's fabulous! The minced garlic just burns a bit and when you take a bite of sauce that it's cooked in, you get a chunk of crunchy, butter garlic. Fresh grated garlic cloves are the way to go. I have been converted for good.

Let's talk about sage...mmmmm, sage. I've never really cooked with sage. It has such a fresh, earthy smell and taste. It really compliments the butter and potato in the gnocchi. Deelish!

I have tons of leftovers...I'll probably find a good meat recipe and serve these leftovers as a side dish again tomorrow night. Prav loved this dish! He said he can't remember ever eating gnocchi before. As a potato fan, he really enjoyed the gnocchi. I'd liek to try this recipe with a little white wine, lemon, garlic, and butter sauce. Mmmmm...

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