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9/14/09...Learning about Lemon Curd

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What's for dinner tonight? Lemon Glazed Chicken with Bay Leaves

Have you ever wondered how you make that sweet lemony filling inside of a lemon meringue pie? Well, I have figured it out! You open a jar of lemon curd and, bam, you have pie filling...or lemon glaze for your chicken as was the case tonight.

I had no idea what lemon curd was before tonight. I guess I assumed that the word "curd" sounded like "curdle" so it must be something chunky like cottage cheese. Nope, lemon curd is lemony heaven in a jar. It's awesome. So, tonight I used the lemon curd as part of the glaze for a sweet lemon pepper chicken. Prav loves pepper and lemon. Actually, lemon pepper chicken is one of his favorite dishes. I used to just go out and buy the pre-made lemon pepper rotisserie chickens at the grocery store, but not anymore. This glaze was really delicious. Prav asked if it was a Rachael Ray meal. When I told him it was (of course) and questioned why he asked, he said that he thought it was a store-bought chicken because it was so good. Sweet!

We had leftover gnocchi from last night's dinner and I served it with the chicken. Prav really liked this one, but I still think the lemon apple cider roasted chicken has been the best glaze so far. The bay leaves added a nice savory herb taste to tonight's chicken. I was impressed at how good the chicken looked coming out of the oven. I have lots of leftovers because I roasted a whole chicken.

I'm working 4 night shifts this week...I'm committed to my challenge and will just have to be prepared in order to make it through this week! I can do it!

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