13 Ekim 2012 Cumartesi

The Bible is God's Biography

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    I read this week that the Bible is the biography of God. I had never thought about the Bible in that way before, and I was thinking how is it like that?  As far as biography goes I'd probably of said it was about the children of Israel.  Anyway this is another incredible book by Witness Lee, and it is an amazing read.  He stated that 13 of the 50 chapters in Genesis were not on creation but on Joseph.  Then he explains why:  "Joseph occupies such a long portion of the record because God wants to show us how much He is there in Joseph's situation" (The History of God in His Union with Man, Page 25).  Then he shares about different people in Genesis like Adam, Enosh, and Enoch and how their story tells us something about God.  In fact this sentence was incredible:  
The Bible is not mainly  a record of men but a record of God.  Furthermore, it is not a record of God in creation; rather it is a history of God in His dealing with man, who is on His heart.  You need to read Genesis again according to this principle to see what kind of God is there.  Genesis is the first book of God's history.  By reading Genesis in this way, you can see this God manifested and shown to us through all the stories of Him with man.  When you add all these stories together, you see His history.  Without Genesis you cannot know God very well (The History of God in His Union with Man, Page 27).  
   As I read my Bible, I will look  for how the stories tell God's biography!  

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