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Adventures in Handing Out Gospel Tracts - Part 2 of 2

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     How would you describe God?  One of the lines in our tract called Describe Yellow asked the reader to describe God.  I enjoyed using this sentence as a springboard to talk with students.  I got all kinds of answers from He's everything around us to He's the man upstairs.  Handing out tracts is great, but I was really hoping to have the opportunity to pray with someone to receive the Lord.  On Monday when I was handing out tracts with a friend (you can read about that on Adventures in Handing Out Gospel Tracts Part 1)  my highlight was when one student read the first line of the prayer with me which says,  "O Lord Jesus Christ, I open my heart and my spirit to You."  

Red Square with 3 circles of tables around the fountain.
Info Fair 
     Yesterday I had a hard morning, but I opened my heart to the Lord and  wrote down a prayer on a scrap of paper.  When the Info Fair started, I joined another believer, and we started walking down the street giving tracts to students walking by.  We prayed for the campus and for the tracts that whoever would read them would be saved, and that they wouldn't throw them away but others would read them.   We met several students who had received a tract the day before, we started asking them if they had read it, and many of them nodded their heads yes.

   I couldn't believe it when one of the students I was speaking with told me he was a Catholic.  I told him that I also had been raised a Catholic, but there was a time in my life when the Jesus I had heard about in Catechism came into my heart.  This touched him, and he was willing to pray with me.  What joy filled my heart as we prayed, the other believer I was with came over and she joined us in prayer.   We had the opportunity to share the Lord with three other students and they all prayed to receive the Lord.  I was so deeply touched with what we had experienced; right away I knew it was because  so many were praying for our distribution at that campus!  

Our Bibles for America table in Red Square

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