3 Ekim 2012 Çarşamba


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There has been so much stuffs happening. So much stuffs that I can't really blog. Not because it's secret, but because I don't have time. But it's good stuffs. Like I participated in the month-long celebration on the Proclamation on the family at Stephanie's blog here.

Um, I went to Disneyland a lot. Cooked more than usual. Did busy, busy, busy church stuffs. Promised myself five times a week that I would paint my nails and never had either the time or energy to do it.

I composed a lot of blog posts in my head. Bought shoes. Read books. Finished writing another one. Revised, revised, revised. Didn't exercise too much. Gained weight. Didn't care as much as I should have because I liked everything I ate.

So yes. Stuffs. Stuffs. Happened. And my brand new book comes out soon. Next week! It's called Smart Move and it's the story of smart-mouthed red-headed Sandy, and I will give you lots of chances to win it. I LOVE THIS BOOK. And I will show up here more often to tell you more of the things that are happening. Like how my house is haunted by Casper-y ghosts. 

And if you would like to read to read the very first review of my book, you may click here. I'm not even worried about it because Jolene's always nice in her reviews, but despite any lack of controversy, you should go check out the review because guess what? You can win a book. HOW COOL, right?

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